Permissions to access information are determined by Land Unit, Project, and Sensitivity. To access survey information, you must have permission for the Land Unit as well as the Project.

Each permission is assigned as Read Only, Editor, or Administrator. Users may also be designated as having access to sensitive location or survey information.

This permissions structure is designed to assure that sensitive information is protected, and land managers can restrict with whom they wish to share information. Users may choose to restrict access to data until it has been quality controlled and/or published. However, there is great value in sharing of information among neighboring land units and across broad landscapes, particularly those whose springs are fed by the same groundwater system. Aquifers don’t recognize political boundaries.

The only information that is available to the general public is that which has already been published (for example, included in USGS databases or depicted on maps), or cleared by the land manager or researcher for release.

In order to be granted permissions for a Land Unit or Project, users must request permission from the SSI Database Administrator, or from a representative of the Land Unit or Project who has administrative permissions.

To edit taxonomic data, you must have Administrative permissions for a land unit, or be designated as a Taxa Editor. Please contact SSI to request this permission.