SSI would like to increase the collaborative nature of the database by offering land and project managers more autonomy with administrative permissions. Administrators have increased access to grant permissions and make taxonomic edits.

User Permissions

One of the benefits of being an administrator are that you can set your own permissions for staff and volunteers who are assisting with research and data entry. The SSI database administrator may designate a person to be the administrator of a Land Unit or Project. That designated administrator can in turn grant permissions to others working on that project or land unit. Permissions to access information are determined by Land UnitProject, and Sensitivity. To access survey information, you must have permission for the Land Unit as well as the Project.

Reader permissions are useful for researchers and students. Contributors should have Editor permissions. If your information is sensitive, and the user you are applying permissions for will only be with your agency for a limited time, you can set an end date for permissions to keep the data secure.

Sensitivity permissions can be set to none, location data, survey data, or both. Selecting both indicates that locations and survey data for all sensitive springs will be hidden from the user. Selecting none will indicate that no information is sensitive for this user, and they will have full access.

Use the drop-down location menus to display Land Units. You will only have the ability to provide permissions for projects and land units for which you are an administrator. If you have any questions about application of permissions, please contact us.

Taxonomic Editor

Administrators have access to make taxonomic edits to invertebrates, vertebrates, and flora. Please Note; to edit taxonomic data one must have permission for a land unit or be designated as a taxa editor. Please contact SSI to request this permission.

Our database is currently equipped to handle flora and fauna from the Western United States. As we continue to expand, it’s possible that you may find flora or fauna for your area are not available in the drop down menus. If it is a matter of one or two species, you may add them yourself using the taxonomic editor. If species are greatly lacking, please contact us. It is likely we can import a larger dataset.