This database has been designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of information about a springs ecosystem, as derived from a Level 2 survey. The database can be used for an array of stewardship and research purposes, from simple georeferencing (a Level 1 Survey) to complex, long-term monitoring of an important site (Level 3). If a springs steward only has time for an overview assessment of a site, the SEAP form provides a means of rapid assessment. The value of this database also includes its capacity for comparison of the ecological health and risks to multiple springs within a landscape.

Plotting springs condition versus risk quickly allows the manager to determine the priority of springs management, and the important ecological or cultural factors affecting or characterizing those high priority springs.

This document is in draft form, and the database is still under development. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and look forward to you contacting us.

Suggested Citation

Ledbetter, Jeri D., MGIS, Lawrence E. Stevens, PhD, Abraham Springer, PhD, and Benjamin Brandt. Springs Inventory Database. Online Database. Springs and Springs-Dependent Species Database. Vers. 1.0. Springs Stewardship Institute, January 2014. Web. [Enter date]. <>.