The Springs Stewardship Institute, a global initiative of the
Museum of Northern Arizona, works to improve communication among land managers, to survey, rehabilitate, and steward springs systems across the United States.

Although they are among the most biologically and culturally important and highly threatened ecosystems on Earth, springs are poorly studied and inadequately protected. Though relatively small in comparison to lakes and oceans, springs support more than 20% of the endangered species in the United States. With an immense potential for collaboration and partnership, SSI will continue to improve understanding and management of these critical and endangered ecosystems.

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With improved and consistent tools, techniques and data, humans can be better stewards of the aquifers which supply springs, and ultimately contribute to the livelihood of some of the most diverse and important ecosystems on Earth.
— Dr. Abe Springer, via National Geographic

current projects

SSI is involved with many ongoing projects across the western United States. We recently completed a 2-year project to map the distribution of springs and springs-dependent species in the Desert LCC. Learn more about all of our recent work here.

                                                                    Jenn Chavez

                                                                    Jenn Chavez

Collecting springs data

Collecting springs data

SSI is in the news again, this time with the announcement of a collaborative project funded by the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust to develop a springs data collection app. See the article here.





Springs Overlooked hotspots of life

The Arizona Daily Sun gave recognition to the work of the Springs Stewardship Institute on Friday, May 29th,following the news release from Washington announcing Obama's revised Waters of the United States rule. Read more HERE.