Springs Ecosystem Science: 2018 Symposium, Workshop, and Training

hosted by the Springs Stewardship Institute and the National Park Service


A 2-day symposium on springs ecosystems and related science and management themes.

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 Leopard Frog Marsh, Glen Canyon NRA

Leopard Frog Marsh, Glen Canyon NRA

The symposium kicked off with a social mixer on the night of June 4th and continued with presentations on the 5th and 6th.  The initial program is linked above.  We are currently accepting papers derived from talks to include in a Proceedings volume. You may find the proceedings here.

Contributing sessions:

The symposium was held at the Branigar/Chase Discovery Center (Building 2 on the map) at the Museum of Northern Arizona on Highway 180 just north of downtown Flagstaff, AZ. 

For more information please contact the Springs Stewardship Institute at:
(928) 774-5211 ext. 231 or email Jeri@springstewardship.org