Employment Opportunities

Springs Stewardship Institute

Currently there is one internship position open starting this spring (see below).

Museum of Northern Arizona

If you are interested in employment opportunities elsewhere in the Museum, please visit the Museum of Northern Arizona's Employment Opportunities page.



Thank you for your interest in interning at the Springs Stewardship Institute. We currently are hiring an internship starting this spring and expect to have an additional opening this summer.  Applications can be sent to ed@springstewardship.org

Title: Spring Stewardship Institute Research Intern
Department: Ecology & Conservation
Status: Part-Time, Temporary, Project- Specific
Supervisor: SSI Program Manager

Position Description:

This position requires a hard-working, motivated individual with excellent attention to detail, interest in riparian/wetland botany, macroinvertebrates, and in resource management and groundwater-surface water interactions. This position offers a student to learn about web-based data management systems and GIS. Work for this position will be primarily based in the laboratory, involving computer data entry, springs mapping, and website design and maintenance. This intern will also assist with planning upcoming symposiums, workshops, and other events. This position could expand to full time field work in the summer, inventorying springs as part of an SSI crew in Nevada. The candidate should be passionate about natural resources, and comfortable working with biological specimens. The ideal candidate will be able to work independently, but not be afraid to ask questions or express concerns.