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The Springs Stewardship Institute collaborates with partners across the the world in an effort to build a community that champions the improved stewardship of springs.  There are numerous ways that you can make a difference and get involved with SSI. Not every donor is the same; depending on your vision, your gift can be put to work immediately, or help provide resources for the future.

For your donation to be put to immediate use, please us a credit card or send us a check. Here are some of the ways SSI can use your donation:

$12 will support one hour of staff time to enter springs data, or photograph an insect
$25 will cover mileage in northern Arizona to monitor a spring or give a presentation
$50 will pay for a water chemistry analysis to determine the source and quality of spring water
$100 will help purchase lab or field equipment, or pay one staff to survey a spring
$200 will pay for ArcGIS software maintenance for one month
with $500, we can survey and assess a local spring
and for $2,000, we might find a new spring, survey it, and name it after you...

Donate Online:

Visit our Donation Page and make a Credit Card Transaction.

Mail Checks To:

The Springs Stewardship Institute, Museum of Northern Arizona

3101 N. Fort Valley Rd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Call Us At:

(928) 774-5211 ext. 231

If you are interested in contributing in a different way - Sponsorships, Challenge Match Gifts, etc. - Please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Jeri Ledbetter:

Call us At

(928)774-5211 ext. 231