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The Springs Stewardship Institute collaborates with partners across the the world in an effort to build a community that champions the improved stewardship of springs.  There are numerous ways that you can make a difference and get involved with SSI. Not every donor is the same; depending on your vision, your gift can take form in a number of ways, can be put to work immediately, or help provide resources for the future.

The best option for your donation to be put to immediate use, you can make a Monetary Donation in the form of a Credit Card Transaction or Check. Any amount will help. 

$12 will support one hour of staff time to enter springs data, or photograph an insect
$25 will cover mileage to monitor a spring in northern Arizona or give a presentation
$50 will pay for a water chemistry analysis to determine the source and quality of spring water
$100 will help us purchase lab or field equipment, or pay one staff to survey a spring
$200 will pay for ArcGIS software maintenance for one month
with $500, we can survey and assess a local spring
and for $2,000, we might find a new spring, survey it, and name it after you...

Donate Online:

Visit our Donation Page and make a Credit Card Transaction.

Mail Checks To:

The Springs Stewardship Institute, Museum of Northern Arizona

3101 N. Fort Valley Rd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Call Us At:

(928) 774-5211 ext. 231

If you are interested in contributing in a different way - Sponsorships, Challenge Match Gifts, etc. - Please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Jeri Ledbetter:

Call us At

(928)774-5211 ext. 231