Volunteer application

Name *
Would you like to participate in field work, or would you prefer to help out in the lab? Please include any fields of interest as well (botany, hydrology, invertebrates, etc).
Please tell us a little bit more about yourself. Do you have experience curating specimens? Are you experienced in the outdoors? Are you a data entry wizard, or a pro at Photoshop? Our diverse work requires many skill sets not mentioned here.
What works best for you to join us? Does one morning a week fit into your schedule, or would you rather join us in a remote setting for 5-10 days of fieldwork?
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? Also, if you are interested in joining us for fieldwork, please be aware that our field days are long and rugged, with lots of off-trail hiking, sometimes in extreme weather. Participants must be physically fit and able to carry a pack. Please let us know about any health concerns in advance.