Springs Stewardship Institute
Organization Information

mission Statement

To advance understanding and stewardship of springs ecosystems.

Vision Statement

We are committed to advancing research and stewardship of springs ecosystems on the Colorado Plateau and throughout the world. SSI understands that we must build upon our foundational pillars to accomplish this goal:

Research          Sharing          Information Stewardship          Collaboration

History of Springs stewardship Institute

Springs Stewardship Institute began as the idea and vision of Dr. Larry Stevens and Jeri Ledbetter. Dr. Stevens has more than 40 years of experience studying springs and riparian ecosystems of the Grand Canyon region. His studies have focused on biogeography and landform evolution, biodiversity and rare species biology, and the ecology of springs, rivers, and large canyons. Dr. Stevens also conducted and coordinated research through the National Park Service and several universities to support the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam Environmental Impact Statement of 1995. Jeri Ledbetter received her Masters in Geographic Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University and is the head developer of Springs Online (©2014). She has conducted springs research for SSI as well as consulted for Northern Arizona University. Both Dr. Stevens and Ms. Ledbetter have been river runners in Grand Canyon and are recognized and highly respected by the greater northern Arizona community as leaders in the field of environmental stewardship.

In 2013 the Springs Stewardship Institute became a global initiative of the Museum of Northern Arizona 501(c)(3). SSI continues to conduct research on springs ecosystems, develop Springs Online as a publicly available database of springs and springs-dependent species in on four continents, develop standardized protocols for springs ecosystem management, and collaborate with numerous non-profit organizations, foundations, government land managers, universities, corporations, and individual researchers to improve understanding and stewardship of springs. Springs Online houses over 90,000 records of springs and their related biological and ecological information, with that number continuing to grow.

SSI aims to continue springs ecosystem research and advance understanding and stewardship of springs ecosystems amongst the public by building on our foundational pillars: research, sharing information, stewardship, and collaboration.