Springs Inventory and Assessment Workshop
Salt Lake City, Utah

Workshop: July 15-16 - full
Fieldwork: July 17-21 - full

SSI, in collaboration with the United States Forest Service and with funding from the Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative, will be hosting a special two day Springs Inventory and Assessment workshop. Click here for more detailed information about our workshops and the curriculum. This workshop will focus on the US Forest Service GDE protocol, but also include an overview of other protocols that are widely in use. We will also present a session on data management at Springs Online (https://springsdata.org/) that now supports the GDE Level I protocol.

After two days in the classroom, we will be conducting hands-on field training near Logan July 17-21. You may join us for one or all of these days as a working and learning opportunity, but space is limited. Pre-registration is required for both the workshop and the field training.

Location: Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building (classroom TBD)
125 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84138

We look forward to seeing you there!

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We will stay at Guinavah Campground, 7 miles east of Logan, UT along Hwy 89. We suggest a donation of $30/day to cover meals and campground fees. Also, participants who bring a vehicle will be required to pay $8 per day. Participation is limited to 20, so request your space early.
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This is crucial for our logistical planning, both at camp and assuring that we can efficiently transport people to our field sites.
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