Where is it?

Banner image by Molly Joyce

Dr. Larry Stevens and students of Prescott College conducting restoration work at Leopard Frog Marsh as part of an ongoing rehabilitation project with the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council.

The Arizona Strip lies north of the Colorado River and is separated from the rest of Arizona by the Grand Canyon. The strip stretches for more than 7,800 square miles between Grand Canyon and the Utah border. The arid landscape is punctuated by iconic red rock canyons and sandstone formations such as the Vermilion Cliffs, the Wave, and water ways such as the Virgin River. The Springs Stewardship Institute, in partnership with the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, has been a forward leader in helping to protecting and restoring springs and riparian habitats, as well as urging the federal government to establish the Grand Canyon Watershed as a National Monument.

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council

The Grand Canyon Wildlands Council has partnered with the National Park Service as well as with the Springs Stewardship Institute to restore and manage springs and riparian habitats in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. SSI has conducted a large rehabilitation effort with GCWC and students from Prescott College at Leopard Frog Marsh, a site with unique geomorphology and endemic species.

SSI has surveyed 105 springs in the Arizona Strip through partnership with GCWC. In addition to Leopard Frog Marsh, SSI has experienced tremendous success with Pakoon Spring. Restoration began in 2007 and the spring has had a very successful come back.

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